The MIT Undergraduate Research Journal

The MIT Undergraduate Research Journal (MURJ) is MIT's only peer-reviewed scientific journal serving the undergraduate population. MURJ has received an enormous amount of publicity in the past several years. Our recent issues have featured letters of introduction from former President Susan Hockfield, Institute Professor Bob Langer, and Dean Kim Vandiver and we enjoy strong relationships with the Alumni Association, the UROP office, and academic departments around MIT.

MURJ Executive Team

Lia Bu

A member of the MIT undergraduate class of 2025, Lia is the current Editor-in-Chief of MURJ. Studying chemical engineering and political science at MIT, Lia is interested in advancements in renewable energy, especially with the intersection of research and government policies and programs. Lia is also a member of MIT’s crew team, secretary of MIT’s Electrochemical Society student body, and co-administrator of her dorm’s tutoring program. In her free time, Lia likes to run, listen to music, and sketch.

Charlotte Myers
Content Editor

Charlotte is a freshman from Southern California planning to study physics and computer science. Outside of classes, she enjoys reading, wandering around museums, and making/solving all types of puzzles. Whether it’s the future of AI or the ethics of genetic engineering, she loves combining her interests in science and writing to spread awareness about modern scientific issues; she hope that as content editor of MURJ she can help others pursue this goal too!

Ananth Shyamal
Research Editor

Ananth is a third-year undergraduate studying Computer Science and Molecular Biology. He works on immunology and cancer drug delivery research in the Bhatia Lab, as well as cancer genomics research in the Kellis Lab. In his free time, Ananth likes to play basketball, cook, spend time outdoors, and root for the Celtics. Ananth has been involved with MURJ since Fall 2021.

Anna Dong
Layout Chief & Treasurer

Anna is a ’26 from Oregon majoring in 6-9 (Computation and Cognition). She is interested in medicine, specifically neurology, and hopes to study degenerative diseases. When not studying for classes or working in a lab, she enjoys reading or painting while listening to various musical soundtracks.

Gwyneth Margaux Tangog

Gwyn is a sophomore at MIT majoring in computer science and engineering. She loves working on data and research. She is currently an undergraduate research assistant at the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub where she gets to pursue both interests at the same time. In her free time, she goes to the gym, plays video games, and watches her favorite baseball series.